Brand Story

This is a journey of a man who is actively involved in various organisations, preaching sincerity and puts in endless effort to deliver results to whoever that engages him as an entrepreneur.


He is a flyer distributor who started his first delivery project for Bank Bumiputra Commerce (which is now called CIMB) in 1995, and it became a life-changing experience.


Results‘ is one of the best food for his soul. Saravanan P, sets his steps right ahead wanting to make a difference to brands and marketing industry by proving that traditional method works and will not see an end if it is not done correctly.


A man of visionary and street-wise, he decided to work closely with partners for a win-win situation such as newspaper shops, printers, and agencies. His dedicated and systematic way of work promises true results. He invested time and money on his personal development by mastering networking skills, business presentations and learned more about his job on an advanced professional level. Target Market’s first tagline was “Try us, Believe Us“, which connected many brands such as Unilever, Courts Mammoth, Carrefour and many others. Eventually, his team of three(3) grew to more than ten (10) within the next few years.

Try us, Believe Us

In 2005, Saravanan implemented a more structured deliverable which made him extremely unique in the industry’s eyes which led to bigger brands such as Mc Donalds, Haagen Dazs, IGB Corporation, Berjaya Group, Q-Dees Worldwide to open doors for him eventually adding more recognitions to his portfolio. The reporting system became a classic reason for his success, that speaks results and recommendations.


Now, Target Marketing has also expanded their services to Out-Of-Home Marketing that allows several brands to continuously engage him to be their sole project partner with nationwide coverage through flyer distributions, newspaper inserts, buntings, and outdoor marketing. With a clientele list of more than 100 brands today, Target Marketing pridefully serves Pizza Hut, Dominos, KFC, AEON Big and Texas Chicken on a repetition basis covering more than 15million flyers annually.


In 2019, a new tagline “The Bridging Partner between You and Your Client” is set to simply express the core meaning of his business.