Door to Door Flyers Distribution

Target Marketing & Promotion is guaranteed to get your marketing material direct to the homes of your target customers. Door to door flyers distribution is one of the most successful and cost-effective methods of achieving widespread exposure for your business or event.


Whether it’s a local event or national marketing campaign our fully trained and supervised team will ensure your message gets direct to your customers. From free-sheet newspapers to brochures and leaflets to business cards, we’ve got a delivery package to suit you. From our base in Limerick, we are centrally located to services all the major towns and cities in Peninsular Malaysia.

We offer a range of door to door delivery services including:

Single Distribution

With this method of distribution, your leaflet will be distributed on its own without competing with many other leaflets. The resident will pick up only your leaflet thereby ensuring maximum impact leaflets. You can also choose the distribution areas that you want to cover with the leaflets. This method therefore will always provide the highest results. We strongly recommend all our clients to choose this method as the price is only slightly higher compared with Shared Distribution.

Shared Distribution

With this method of distribution, your leaflet will be distributed with other leaflets that go along with yours. The advantage of this method is cheaper cost for the cost is being shared by others but the distribution areas are fixed. You will not be able to choose the areas with this method of distribution. Other terms and conditions also apply.


We have our very own comprehensive compilation of areas and figures with the number of houses, shop/offices and flats so as to assist you with planning on the exact quantity of leaflets required per area. This is very important to make sure there is no wastage of leaflets being prepared.

The Campaign Delivery Process

Door count

We can provide you with the number of letter boxes, for both residential and commercial, in every town within our distribution areas. You will then know the amount of leaflets required to be printed for your pamphlet delivery campaign.


We guarantee our leafleting deliveries to your specified areas. Our responsible, adult door to door distributors deliver your flyers and pamphlets efficiently. They are constantly monitored by a supervisor during the distribution process.


Large quantities of leaflets and flyers can be delivered to our warehouse from the printers. Our distribution business can also arrange collection from any destination.


Once your door to door leafleting is complete, a map showing the distributed areas will be provided to each client.